A Message from RUC/LightSpeed on COVID-19





Updated May 21, 2020

At Reedsburg Utility Commission/LightSpeed (RUC) we care deeply for our community, our customers and our staff.  In the quickly changing COVID‐19 environment we are working in, we want to share information and changes quickly and as accurate as we can.

Customer Service

We will be reopening our drive‐up window for in‐person customer service activities on June 1st, but our lobby will remain closed to the public until further notice.

Reedsburg Utility (electric and water services) staff are available at 608‐524‐4381 or by emailing ruc@rucls.net.  Our 24/7 electric and water emergency reporting is also available by calling 608‐524‐4381.  Additional utility information is available on our website http://reedsburgutility.com/.

LightSpeed (TV, Internet, Phone) staff are available at 608‐768‐1000 or by emailing LightSpeed@rucls.net.  Our 24/7 Tech Support & Help Desk is also available by calling 608‐768‐1000.  Additional information about LightSpeed services is available on our website https://ruclightspeed.com/.

We will continue to accommodate service installations for as long as it is safe and reasonable for us to do so.  Please be advised we will be asking questions regarding health to protect our employees that may need to enter your residence or business.


RUC understands that the COVID‐19 outbreak may cause some valued customers to experience financial difficulty due to illness, quarantine or a disruption at work.  We recommend that you try to make payments to the best of your ability in order to prevent the accumulation of a larger balance.  Your bill/debt will not be forgiven or erased.  If you are unable to pay your bills, please call to set up a payment arrangement.  If payment arrangements are not made, you may be subject to late fees and disconnection of services.

We offer several safe and convenient payment options for you.

  • Mail: You can send your payment by using the return envelope included with your bill to Reedsburg Utility, PO Box 230, Reedsburg WI    Please include the bottom portion of your bill with your payment.
  • Drop Box: You can drop off payments (check, cash, money order) at your convenience in the drop box located in the driveup lane on the west side of our office building located at 501 Utility Court in Reedsburg.  Please include the bottom portion of your bill with your payment.  (Coming Soon:  We will be adding a second drive‐up payment drop box along the north side of our Utility Court driveway.)
  • Drive‐Up Window: On June 1st, we will be reopening our drive‐up window for in‐person customer service activities.
  • Pay by Phone: Please call 608‐524‐4381 for electric/water or 608‐768‐1000 for LightSpeed payments, and follow the prompts.  Please have your account number available when you call.
  • On‐Line: For electric/water payments go to http://reedsburgutility.com/ and select the “Online Bill Pay” button.  For LightSpeed payments, payment options are located under the “Account Access” drop down menu at our website https://ruclightspeed.com/.
  • SmartHub App: You can also access your LightSpeed account and make payments by using the SmartHub App available from the app stores or https://www.smarthubapp.com/.  Please note, electric/water account access is not available on the SmartHub App.

We’ll be here working for you, and our utilities remain safe and reliable. All essential Reedsburg Utility staff will continue to be available to respond to possible emergency and service affecting situations.  There is no evidence that Coronavirus can be transmitted via drinking water.  Our drinking water disinfection process continues to meet and exceed state and federal regulations.

Be safe, stay well, and God Bless!

Brett Schuppner, General Manager