Town of Excelsior

FORM - Excelsior
Total Service Drop Fee: $100.00 (if received by March 31, 2022) *
A standard service drop includes vibratory plowing the service line from the road right-of-way to the customer premise. Fiber service drop does not include private service extensions.

RUC/LightSpeed will contact Digger’s Hotline prior to excavating on the premises. Through Digger’s Hotline, all public facilities (Telephone, Electric, CATV, and Gas) will be marked with paint from the Right of Way to the home or business. Any private utilities such as water, sewer, irrigation, lighting, utilities to outbuildings, LP gas, etc. will not be marked. RUC is not responsible for damage to private facilities that have not been brought to our crew’s attention prior to the start of work.

Turf restoration will only be completed on excavated turf areas and not along the plow line. Turf restoration will only include a rough backfill.

Standard installation fees may apply; additional fees may apply for non-standard installations

Please provide a detailed sketch of private underground facilities on your property such as: lawn sprinkler system, septic, well, gas, water, electric, and telephone lines, etc.
Maximum upload size: 33.55MB
Although an upload of your sketch is preferred, as an alternate option you can email your sketch to: If choosing this option, please include your name and service address in your email.
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