LS Protect Network Security

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Protecting your entire house from online threats

Most home owners have protected themselves from online security threats by downloading anti-virus software onto their devices- usually via an annual subscription.  This becomes an expensive option as between cellphones, tablets, smart tv’s and computers – most homes have around ten (10) connected devices.  

For homeowners, paying for that many seats of anti-virus software becomes a costly option to keep your family protected. LightSpeed now offers our subscribers a network-level, WIFI security solution that will protect ANY and ALL devices connected to the internet inside the household. 

Protect IQ proactively monitors traffic coming in through our routers, providing malicious website protection, anti-virus and anti-ransomware inspection, detects intrusions (including video hacking), and blocks anything that looks suspicious according to your settings. This is a great solution for devices that don’t get browsed on but have access to personal information like TV’s, smart devices, security cameras, and entry-way equipment.  

Protect IQ prevents unauthorized access to your Wi-Fi network, blocks attempted visits to known harmful websites, and actively terminates data transfers before malicious payloads are delivered to ANY of your network devices. Get notified through push notifications whenever a security issue is triggered- with details of which device was attacked, where it came from, and when it occurred. For example, if your baby monitor has unauthorized activity, you’ll be notified that someone is trying to access local video content in your home.

With LSProtect, we help take care of it all by improving your experience while eliminating the need for you to perform virus / security scans.