PC Security

Keep your computer, files, and passwords safe with the products offered below.

SecureIT Live

only $4.95/month

Do you want anti-virus software as well as 24/7 technical support? SecureIT Live is perfect for you!

SecureIT Plus

only $5.95/month

So you’re in need of a full service anti-virus software that protects your PC and controls the sites your kids visit, among many other things? You’re in the right place!



FileHopper Plus

only $2.95-$14.95

When it comes to computer files, you have a lot to lose. Should your hard drive fail or your computer be damaged, years’ worth of files could be gone in seconds. Make sure they’ll always be there by getting FileHopper Plus.

Password Genie

only $1.95

If you have sticky notes all over the house with usernames and passwords, it’s time for a more organized and reliable system. It’s time for Password Genie.