LightSpeed TV

Our Streaming HD Digital TV service offers you both LIVE TV , plus 50Gb of DVR storage to view your content when and where you choose.  Our service also provides you an interactive TV guide and allows you to pause LIVE TV, rewind and restart already in-progress programming.   

You will need one of the below to run our streaming service.

Amazon FireStick Streaming Device
Mobile Android / IOS (In Network)
Roku Streaming Device
Apple TV Streaming Device
Android TV & Streaming Stick
Local TV Package
Only $31.95*

(+ Broadcast Station Fee**)

Over 50 Channels, featuring all local broadcast networks, the Weather Channel, the Home Shopping Network, the Local Channel #11 and the Reedsburg Channel #12. 

PRIME TV Package
Only $92.95*

(+ Broadcast Station Fee**)

Our most popular option!  Over 110 channels to choose from featuring most major and minor sports, drama and kids programming.

Max TV Package
Only $104.95*

(+ Broadcast Station Fee**)

Get 160 channels including 29 music channels with HD content,  a must see for any family home. Includes Stingray HD Digital Music.

50GB DVR Storage:  Included
250GB DVR Storage:  $1.95/mo.
500GB DVR Storage:  $2.95/mo.
1TB DVR Storage:  $4.95/mo.

3 Streams:  Included
Additional Stream:  $1.95 ea.
6+ Additional Streams:  $1.00 ea.

*Pricing does not include taxes and fees. Broadcast station fee required for all TV services of $20.00/mo. The Broadcasting station fee reflects required fees applied to LightSpeed by broadcast TV stations to carry content and programming.

$19.00 / mo.

•  HBO
•  HBO 2
•  HBO Family
•  HBO Signature
•  HBO Latino
•  HBO Comedy
•  HBO Zone

$19.00 / mo.

•  Showtime
•  Showtime Too

•  Showtime Extreme
•  Showtime Showcase
•  Showtime Family Zone
•  Showtime Women
•  Showtime Next
•  The Movie Channel
•  The Movie Channel Extra

$15.00 / mo.

•  Starz
•  Starz HD
•  Starz Action
•  Starz Black
•  Starz Cinema
•  Starz Comedy
•  Starz Classic
•  Starz Edge
•  Starz Encore
•  Starz 
•  Starz Kids & Family
•  Starz Suspense
•  Starz Westerns

$15.00 / mo.

•  Cinemax
•  More Max
•  Action Max
•  5-Star Max
•  Outer Max
•  Thriller Max
•  Movie Max

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to run programming on my TV?

We recommend the Amazon Fire Stick for our TV programming.  Roku and Apple TV will be available in the future. Our fiber internet is also required for all TV services.

Can I watch the Streaming TV Service on my smartphone?
You can watch our service on your Android/IOS device in network, with the MY TV app.

I perfer “Traditional” cable TV, do you offer this?
We actually no longer offer a “Traditional” TV service, however, we can enable our service to be used with a traditional remote for an additional charge. 

Can I increase the storage of my Cloud DVR service?

Yes, our service includes 50GB of HD storage, however, additional storage can be purchased as follows:
250GB – $1.95/mo,  500GB – $2.95/mo.,  1TB – $4.95/mo

Can I increase the amount of simultaneous streams I have available?

Yes, our service includes (3) three simultaneous streams with additional streams being available for $1.95/mo.

How do I link additional devices?
From the guide in LSTV, bring up the menu bar and right arrow over to “Account”.  From this, arrow down through the list of devices and select “Add-Device”.  This will generate a code to be entered into the LSTV app on the new device.

How do I watch on a mobile device?
Download “MyTVs” app and follow the above steps to generate required credentials.

Do my Cloud DVR recordings auto-delete?
Recordings will never delete based on age of the recording.  They will however delete the oldest recording once you have filled up your Cloud DVR storage limit.