River Valley Broadband Phase 3 - Expansion Survey for Fiber Optic Communications - TV, Internet & Phone
LightSpeed powered by Reedsburg Utility Commission (RUC) is considering a new fiber optic communications expansion to your area. Reedsburg Utility will use this form to evaluate interest and commitment in the expansion of the fiber optic network.

LightSpeed provides unthrottled access to our gigabit fiber network. LightSpeed Internet has the fastest standard speed (1,000 Mbps) for the price in the nation. In addition, a study performed by the University of Colorado at Boulder finds that homes connected to gigabit (1,000 Mbps) fiber networks sold for 3% to 7% more than similar homes with internet speeds of only 25 Mbps or lower. Information about LightSpeed services can be found at ruclightspeed.com

A fiber optic drop connects the mainline fiber to the home. Property owners are required to pay a one-time fiber optic drop fee (typically $250 to $500) to get the drop installed. Drop fees are based on the length of the drop and site conditions.

Are you interested in getting LightSpeed Gigabit Fiber services to your home? *
Not sure what speed you currently have? Run a speed test at:
Is 5 Mbps download service available at your location?
With your current internet connection, are you able to work from home? *
If you had broadband internet access at your residence, would you access health care services from home? *
If you had broadband internet access at your residence, would you access educational opportunities online? *
If you have any questions or concerns please call 768-1000. We appreciate your consideration and look forward to possibly serving you! For more information on LightSpeed visit www.ruclightspeed.com

*Please note your Response may be used as supporting exhibits on broadband expansion grant applications.