Spring Green Construction Project


Return Forms
Return your Fiber drop construction fee and residential registration form to our office to be placed on our construction list.

Site Survey (Blue line on Map)
A RUC LightSpeed Representative will call you to schedule a site visit and provide you with additional information, and a Fiber drop cost estimate.
Main Line (Orange line on Map)
Crews will begin by installing Fiber in the Road-Right-of-Way. This will be the backbone of our services and must be in place before service drops can be connected.
Service Drops (Orange line on Map)
Crews will install fiber to your home if all of the above steps are completed.
Fiber Installation (Orange line on Map)
Fiber will be terminated and tested.
Service activation (Green line on Map)
Once we have all fiber installed, terminated, and tested our office will notify you that your service is ready for an inside installation.

LightSpeed, powered by Reedsburg Utility is excited to expand its fiber optic network into your area!
Experience LightSpeed! – TV, Internet and Phone*

  • Internet service – 1 Gbps! That’s 1000 Mbps!
  • Reliable consistent connection
  • Seamless video streaming
  • Free residential whole home Wi-Fi
  • Quality 24/7 support
  • Local community focused service
  • Telephone services (Keep your current number!)
  • HD Television services; including whole-home DVR
  • Cost-saving bundled packages

Get connected with LightSpeed during project construction!

Fiber Optic Drop Application Form and project updates available
at: www.ruclightspeed.com/projects or call: 768-1000.