The LightSpeed TV App is now available!


This TV upgrade brings high quality streaming HD TV service to our customers through fiber optic technology and utilizes LightSpeed Internet for delivery. The new platform is full of new features that were not available with the traditional cable option. Features of the streaming platform include an Interactive Guide, 72-hour look back viewing, Video on Demand, Free Cloud 50 GB DVR Space (additional space available), and Start-Over viewing. Additionally, exclusive channels are available on the streaming platform.


The current set top box TV system is being upgraded to this feature rich LightSpeed streaming TV option. As with any electronic device or equipment, eventually the devices reach the end of their useful life, will need to be replaced, or will no longer be supported. Set top boxes and TiVo boxes will no longer function after September 5, 2023. Upgrade today to maintain your service and take advantage of the new LightSpeed TV App features.


Upgrade your monthly TV service to start using the streaming platform. Most customers will have no additional cost, or may see a reduction to monthly service costs.

Call us today to update to the Streaming LightSpeed TV experience!

Complete Self-Installation or Schedule a Technician for the Upgrade.


Each TV will need a streaming device and LightSpeed Internet. Streaming devices are not included with the TV service and is available on the following platforms:


Amazon Fire Devices (Best Experience for LightSpeedTV App.)
Apple TV
Mobile – Android/iOS
Web Browser

*Please note: “Lite” or “Express” versions of devices DO NOT work with LightSpeed TV.


Complete the self-installation and start using the New Features of the LightSpeed TV Streaming App Today!  Self-installation option not for you? LightSpeed technicians can assist in upgrading your service to the streaming platform.


If streaming is not for you, you can keep your current traditional TV service. Please note this will result in a price increase of $10.00 per month. This price increase will go into effect on June 20, 2023, which will appear on your bill due July 5, 2023.


LightSpeed customers are free to cancel TV service at any time without penalty, but with the impressive features available in the streaming option, we hope you strongly consider transitioning to the LightSpeed TV App.


Please note as of September 5, only Local and Prime packages will remain available on traditional TV service. Max Package and Premium Channels will not be available on traditional TV.  Set top boxes and TiVos will no longer function as of this date as well.  Additional  information regarding the September  5 transition will follow.

We appreciate your business and would like to thank you for your continued patronage. If you have any questions, want to discuss self-installation, or would like to schedule a TV upgrade by a technician, please call our office at 608.768.1000.