About Us

Reedsburg Utility began its roots in 1894 by providing electric and water to its public-spirited citizens.

Today, Reedsburg’s public-spirited citizens can also receive Light Speed Internet, TV, and Telephone services from their own home town team! In 2003 the Utility ventured into deploying a fiber optic infrastructure that would reach to every home and business in the community. The fiber optic infrastructure now serves as a future proof method in providing Reedsburg and surrounding citizens broadband and other communications services.

The Utility services more than 4,400 customers and takes great pleasure in serving each and every one. We are one Utility and one Community, and it’s all about service! We live in this community with you. We provide competent, reliable, high quality, courteous, honest, and responsive service. We treat you like a neighbor, because we are your neighbors.

Introducing LightSpeed

Reedsburg Utility introduces LightSpeed branding

and unthrottled internet access

Reedsburg, WI – (May 7, 2018)  Reedsburg Utility Commission (RUC) proudly announces the launch of LightSpeed, the new brand for its communication services – TV, Internet and Phone. Reedsburg Utility has rebranded its fiber optic services to better reflect their leadership in the communications industry. Reedsburg Utility maintains its commitment to serve its neighbors with fast and reliable communication options.

“We place great value in the ground-breaking history we’ve built for our customers and push to continue to lead our industry and vision forward. We wanted this new logo and brand (LightSpeed) to reflect who we are today,” said Communications System Supervisor Ken Las. “We remain focused on providing local, reliable, innovative services to our friends and neighbors.”

The LightSpeed concept is not new to Reedsburg Utility and the logo has roots back to the initial launch of RUC’s telecom services. As Reedsburg Utility continues to grow its service territory and provide fiber optic internet into other rural Sauk county communities, it was time to update the LightSpeed logo and have it once again represent RUC’s fiber-to-the-home network and services. 

The community of Reedsburg and RUC have long been at the forefront of fiber optic internet delivery, having been a fiber optic powered community since 2002. RUC’s fiber deployment was the first of its kind 16 years ago, and was the first in Wisconsin to offer Gigabit speeds in 2014.

Reedsburg Utility is again pushing the principles of internet and is greatly increasing the standard speed for residential internet service. Reedsburg Utility LightSpeed residential customers will have unthrottled access to RUC’s Gigabit Fiber Network – reaching download and upload speeds of 1 Gbps (1000 Mbps). LightSpeed internet has the highest standard residential internet speed in the nation at the lowest price.

The increased standard speed is in response to the demands of households with multiple internet enabled devices – with more and more content being delivered through video streaming, gaming, telemedicine, online education, and telecommuting.

“At Reedsburg Utility we are customer focused and strive to provide the best service for the price” said RUC’s General Manager Brett Schuppner.  “We feel the internet provider should not be the limiting factor on how quickly a customer can access internet content.  With LightSpeed Internet, we’ve removed the bandwidth restrictions so customers can fully utilize all their connected devices and have the best online experience.”