Business Class Internet

Most business today is conducted on the internet. Between commercial emails, online support centers, customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), and payroll and supply chain management software – all aspects of business today runs on solid access to the internet.  Not only applications but data and file storage is also moving to cloud services instead of needing physical equipment on-premise.

Our business-class internet not only offers you top priority in our technical support, but also offers customized offers with Service Level Agreements (SLA) to detail performance parameters and services.  Additionally, we are able to offer network performance monitoring equipment to our business clients at an additional cost.

With our business class internet you can be confident of a high level of responsiveness in the event of problems with our local on-site technicians.

Available Business Class Internet Features

A VLAN is a group of devices that behave as connected to a single network, even if they may not be.  For example, a business may have two locations yet may want to share the same resources, bandwidth and server access as if they were located in the same building.

We offer static IP’s available to any of our business customers that would like a non-dynamic, dedicated connection to their device.  A static IP delivers  improved DNS support, easier server hosting and management,  improved remote access, more reliable data communication and targeted geo-locational services.

We understand that as a business, any downtime can be both frustrating and costly.  Our business class customers will receive only the best support with the fastest possible resolution.