1Gbps (1,000Mbps)

At LightSpeed we don’t think your Internet provider should limit the speed you access the world. For as low as $49.95/month we provide you unthrottled access to our Gigabit Fiber Network reaching download and upload speeds of 1000 Mbps! So stream, game, work, and download away with no worry.

*Rate reflects bundled price, does not include taxes and fees. 

10Gbps (10,000Mbps)

Coming Soon for select locations, we can provide you unthrottled access to our         10-Gigabit Fiber Network reaching download and upload speeds of 10,000 Mbps! 10Gbps is the latest offering from LightSpeed and only available to select areas. *Rate reflects bundled price, does not include taxes and fees. *10G Only available in select locations.

FREE LS WiFi vs LS Premium WiFi


Our FREE Advanced WiFi has all the powerful features in a small package.   This WiFi 6 compatible WiFi router is included FREE in your service at LightSpeed

We also offer an Advanced PLUS Wifi router for our power users and customers that want the absolute maximum performance from their network access.  Great for professional gamers, telecommuters and customers that regularly use video conferencing applications.

FREE Residential Managed WIFI

Free for all 1Gbps residential service

Our WIFI delivers incredible performance for most residential applications.  Our free WIFI also includes access to LSCOMMANDIQ, an App that helps you manage your home network from your mobile phone. 

 FREE for all LightSpeed users, additional software suites below are available at an additional cost.

Enhance your control and security with additional suites

LS Experience

Parents want the ability to manage the content, applications and websites for devices connected to their home network.  

LSEXPERIENCE™ provides subscribers:

    • Enhanced parental controls that give you the ability to enforce the rules already established for your home.
    • Prioritize applications and devices within your home network.
    • Family profile tools to manage the content and hours of use for each connected device in the home.
    • Easy management through our mobile app.

Note:  $4.95/monthly,  bundled with LSPROTECT™ for $7.95/monthly. 

LS Protect

Equip your home with an extra layer of protection with tools that keep their home network safer by blocking viruses, malware and malicious websites from all connected devices in their home.

LSPROTECT™ provides subscribers:

    • Malicious website protection, anti-virus and anti-ransomware packet inspection, and intrusion detection.
    • Protects ALL devices that are using your home network / router for internet.
    • A dashboard to demonstrate how this service is actively protecting the home network.
    • Notifications when content is blocked. 

Note:  $4.95/monthly,  bundled with LSEXPERIENCE™ for $7.95/monthly.